If my eggs could talk they would be complaining…

The view out the window while carving.
My husband had left the wooden spatula out on the BBQ.  During the night or early morning something thought it was a piece of bacon.       It lay in splinters on the dew filled grass.    I was pretty sad, as that had been the first spatula I had made, but not much can be done except make a new one.

The desperate eggs are complaining.
Its been a while since then and I just  hadn’t found the right crook yet, but the eggs need to get flipped, so I had to make something work.     Still with a supply of apple wood, tho frozen to the ground I found one that had promise.   After much hot water, shoveling, ice chipping  and prying with a shovel the earth finally let it go.


All the effort was worth it, because I never get tired of the beautiful grains and contrasting colors of apple wood.   They are in no question gorgeous.

I wasn’t fully sure this piece would work, as it did have some knots and such, but my eggs were in desperate need and the mood for a spatula was in the air.   I also was pretty sure this chunk of wood was somewhat agreeable to try.   So I seized the moment and started carving.

After a lot of axe work it started to take shape.    Olive my dog is really excited and very impressed at this point.

storm 035
Forgot to take the in progress pick.     Olive our great Dane loves to sleep on wood chips.

I was pleased with how it turned out and it seems to do a fine job in the egg flipping department so its earned a spot in my utensil holder.

Again everything always circles back and my splintered spatula is sad but it prompted a new spatula to form.  Maybe that’s finding the good in every situation or its only the mere fact that eggs cook much better if they get flipped and the only way to accomplish this task effectively is with the proper utensil.









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