Where it all begins… a seed.

I am always so much in awe of seeds.     What isn’t magical about such a small little package that waits patiently, sometimes centuries for the perfect conditions;

right temperature,

right moisture content,

right light,

maybe even only after a fire.

 The tiny little seed’s patience finally pays off and when the right conditions are met… it slowly unpacks itself using its stored energy and puts forth a root, stem and leaf.


Most things if you dug a hole in the ground and buried it, only rot would develop, but drop and bury an acorn and you can have a giant oak tree.      A little wing seed that helicopters its way to the ground, can one day be a majestic Maple tree.    A beech nut will one day be a great Beech Tree.

They have evolved, adapted made there environment work for them.   They change, react,  not fast mind you, but their lives last hundreds, even thousands of years. There is no need to change fast, and on there time scale they really are reacting fast.     It just feels slow to us because our life span is a blink compared to a tree’s life span.    They truly live on a different time scale then us.


So every year as I gather my seeds, soil, and pots and start some of my vegetable plants indoors for the upcoming garden to be.   I am reminded where everything comes from.  When I sit down with a piece of wood deciding on what it wants to be, I am reminded of what it took to get those wonderful grains.


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