Alder Spoon, Cattails, and Snow


My daughter asked me If I would make her a spoon.     I have carved her a spoon before,  in my earlier days of carving.    I’m thinking she would like an upgrade.    Her only request was she wanted a moon and sun on it.

On a recent walk I picked up some Alder, that was lost during the last storm.    We have many Alder trees out behind my house that circle a pond, but I had yet to carve any.    There are usually  limbs or a fallen tree of some sort to be had on the ground.    Very rarely will I actually have to cut something down…  I just take what is waiting on the forest floor.    I last wrote about how exciting it was to see signs of spring.    This post  I capture cattails in the falling snow, how quickly mother nature changes her mind.

She is working to balance everything out and I have to remind myself of that from time to time, as I look upon the huge white blanket thrown out upon the forest floor.      All my fallen limbs and such,hiding underneath waiting to be found another day.     At least she gave me the bright blue sky to help me satisfy my yearning for spring.

morning after storm

The Alder is a very soft wood to carve  and has a nice orange hue to it.   It certainly isn’t as challenging as apple or maple so we will see how it holds up.   To her specifications I  kolrosed a sun/moon design into the handle and probably will also go back and put her initials into it also.   This sadly was not carved sitting outside in a sunbeam watching the earth thaw, but rather huddled next to my wood stove as the snow mounted to over a foot on this mid-march day.   I should have put a snowflake on the handle instead of the sun.



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