If trees could talk…what would they say?

Spring is by far my favorite time of the year, mud and all.     Everything that remained dormant and hiding from old man winter, starts to peek out of the thawing earth.     Garlic bulbs planted in the fall start to push there way up and through the straw mulch.   Daffodils and crocus among the first courageous enough to test if winter is truly gone or not.   The chickens are ever so happy to have some ground they can once again scratch and peck in.     The earth is slowly awakening after its winter nap.

The start of the apple wood.

So on this beautiful spring day I carved up some apple wood all purpose spoons.   I found myself a nice spot in the sun and fell into the rhythmic chopping of the axe.  Apple wood is by far one of my favorite types of wood to carve with its beautiful colored grain patterns.     This chunk of apple which is from our local farm even had a hidden treasure.   Tho, I favor finding gold or silver chunks this was a small piece of rusty metal completely consumed by the wood.    Maybe barb wire or a nail?   Hard to tell now, but at one time it served a purpose,  then it didn’t, and the tree said if you don’t remove it, I will eat it, and that is what it did.    One growth ring at a time until it was completely gone and really only the tree knows the story.

Marking on the right shows the scar were the metal was.

It took a little more then an afternoon to complete these two spoons and as the sun started to dip down the cold quickly came back and I retreated to my wood stove.        In the end I left the scar created by the metal as it has a story to tell all on its own.

I finished them up with the crackle of the fire at my toes instead of the warm sunshine on my back.    That night it went below zero from a fifty degree sun filled day.    Mother nature must be feeling moody, or she has a sense of humor and is chuckling at us as we speak.





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