Mother nature rocking out


The wind races and rocks out among the tree tops to the tunes of Black Sabbath… I’m thinking maybe the song Iron Man.     I see the evidence of her head banging dancing moves as the trees bend to and fro.   She  hurls the last few small cones and dried leaves from the branches above to the ground below.   Tidying up the tree limbs and getting them ready for the coming buds.    Maybe,  she is just doing some spring cleaning, and chooses to rock out while doing her chores…  I’m thinking probably so.

Still the chickadees melodies can be heard between the great gusts of Black Sabbath.  The snow despite the sharp temperature today has been slowly being swallowed by the earth below.    I can finally start to see my garden spot and my heart yearns to plant seeds…  but not yet I tell myself…    Today we look for spoon wood.    Blown down by the tunes of Black Sabbath.   I wonder with an inner smile…  what kind of spoon wood I will find and if it makes a difference what kind of tunes take it to the forest floor.      The dogs, my axe and the woods.     It feels so much like searching for treasures as I hum the tune of Iron Man.

I did have some success in my hunt.  There were a couple good size birches that yielded to the power of heavy metal.  I might have to carve this birch spoon while rocking out to Iron Man… or maybe a little AC/DC.







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