The Making of the Apple Ladle From Tree to Farmer.

The apple spoon has had a long wonderful journey and I am glad I could take part in it.    Again I learned a lot through the process, either as a “…Shit I won’t do that again” moment,   which gratefully are becoming less and less and more  “Wow that worked really well!” moments.

Its always really fascinating to see the raw material that you obtain with your own hands.    Utilize some hand tools that have history of there own and make it into something eye pleasing,  but more importantly, very functional, and will also last for generations to come.

So to recap, but an older post exists that shows the beginnings of this spoons life.  Its journey started in a cow pasture from an old apple tree that lost one of its main limbs during a storm.


The pasture belongs to our local diary farm which we get our milk from.  We are very connected to this pasture as the kids and my husband go over in the evenings and help with farm chores and the second milking.    This small diary farm has become part of our family and who we are.     This old apple tree is one that Farmer Colleen remembers planting when she was a little girl.        It has memories and it has a lot of meaning that is held within its grains.    So to be able to give her something from that tree, that she will always have, I am grateful for.

A new born calf and Luna looking at us while we make the branch more manageable.

Cows coming in for evening milking. The cow kitten who lost his mom to an owl.  Who now likes to be among the cow herd or flock of chickens.

All in all the apple wood had no huge surprises that it held within it.  It was a little tedious but I think that was more due to my lack of experience carving ladles.    Apple wood is one of my favorite woods to carve, but its grains can be a little unpredictable with hidden knots and sap spots, but this time the wood gods favored me and never threw any wild grain patterns or hidden knots my way.

So off this ladle goes to a farmer, in a kitchen, in a farmhouse,with an apple tree, with a barn, with cows, that give us milk… and so much more.

The main barn at dusk with full moon in the sky

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