Painting with crystals 


When inspiration is needed I find no finer place than the spoons origin.    Nature is  full of magic and beauty.    It gives us everything that we could need.   It’s so easy to get caught up in the pace and gadgets of our time but when I am in mother-nature this is the place I feel whole.     No electronics are needed.    No timers on the trees.   Only the birds can tweet here.



On this morning  crystals, so delicately placed on everything.  The slight crunching underfoot.   I am actually conscious of them breaking …   with the thought of sorry.   Now Fall here and death yes, with brown marking the forest in broad strokes.    But death is not sad to her, but rather being prepared for what is next.   Who has the power to make something that has gone by and withered from this earth into something so beautiful, if she chooses…    I do indeed call that magical.





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