Firewood Liberation


Stacking wood is a yearly chore at our household, if one wants to stay warm during the winter months.     At times I can get very sidetracked from the monotonous chore of picking up, putting down, and repeat… again and again and again.  Every piece is different and wow look at that grain pattern.   Hmm what kind of wood might that be?  Look how that one curves and  before long I have my axe in hand and a larger piece of firewood turned over as a chopping block. I also may or may not have a small pile of wood set to the side that I could not bare to stack among the condemned.    There plies were much too loud and I had to save them.


My dog olive is very loyal and sworn to secrecy 🙂   She is standing guard to let me know if a child or husband should wander by 🙂  

This is the finished spoon.   I do believe it is oak but not a 100% sure.     It has a beautiful contrasting two-tone grain.   I should be able to get a couple more eating spoons out of this one log.     This spoon has quite the liberation story to tell all its fellow spoons.



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