Wood butter, easy to make. Good help, hard to find.



Charley loves to find those sunbeams and then maximize tummy exposure.   I was trying to get him to do some modeling with a spatula I had just finished but he clearly had other ideas.


The final step in a spoons journey is to get a nice oil finish.  It will help protect the wood and make it beautifully shine.    Its one of my favorite things to do after finishing  a spoon.    You polish on the oil, and its like magic, all the wood grain patterns just pop right out.    Even ones you hadn’t even seen.

From the research I have done on the best oil to use I decided to go with a combination of walnut oil and bees-wax.


 In a double boiler I put one ounce of beeswax and 4 ounces of oil until completely melted and then stir to combine.   Pour into wide mouth containers and let harden.     Walnut oil doesn’t turn rancid were some of the other oils will.    Mineral oil is a petroleum product and I just don’t like the idea of rubbing it on my spoons even tho its supposedly safe to digest.   The beeswax helps to seal the wood and makes the application process easier I find.

These are great pictures of the before and after of oiling a spoon.    Tho, the consistency is more like a butter then an oil.    This is an apple wood ladle with great grain patterns that the wood butter really brings out nicely.

026Definitely, an essential item for me in my tool box, and one that is very easy to make yourself.    Often times I will even include a small jar when I sell or give away a spoon.



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